How to participate

To participate at the HBA competition, the following steps should be taken:

1- Register your interest through the registration form (before 01 June 2017).

2- Specify clearly in which challenge you would like to participate (challenge 1 only, challenge 2 only, both challenges 1 and 2).

3- Download the sample dataset (available from 01 April 2017).

4- Download the evaluation dataset (available from 01 June 2017).

5- Submit the description and the results of your methods (before 31 July 2017).

The HBA competition participants will be asked to provide a maximum one A4 page detailed description and a maximum 200 words short description of their methods for report.

The HBA competition participants will also be encouraged to make their participating methods publicly available by providing us references or URL links for their detailed description and/or source code.